Souq NFT Marketplace Version 1.1 is Live

We hope you have been enjoying our Souq NFT marketplace.

As the first ethical and halal NFT marketplace in the world, we want to assure you that our focus is on providing you with a quality, user-friendly interface where you can have an enjoyable anti-NSFW experience on our platform.

Currently, our new Souq NFT v1.1 has been released and includes the following updates:

1. Collection/Owner/Seller/ Buyer Clickable

2. Add collection in resources/homepage

3. Font size adjusted on Marketplace

4. Sold icon in My NFT tab and transaction history

5. Back button added in NFT detail page

6. Enhancement of trading history tab

7. Cover upload functionality

8. Metamask Validation at the time of connecting wallet

9. Price Graph

10. Fix the slider dots issue (dots start from the beginning on new data) in the top sellers’ section on the home page

11. Show Metamask on mobile screen

12. Fix the filters issue on mobile responsiveness (add clear all button)

13. Fix the footer positioning issue

14. Fix the NFT hover issue on mobile

15. Fix the checkbox movement issue

16. Fix font size issue of heading on the home screen

17. Fix the profile glitch issue of DP and cover photo (Banner) when on profile route

18. Add random collection and change gradient

19. Facebook comments feature in NFT detail page

20. Firebase for tracking all events and actions on Souq

21. Reworked infrastructure improving security and speed

We hope these improvements will help in your user experience and rest assured that our dev team will continue to work hard to keep improving the platform for all our users.

Artists, if you are interested to participate in creating artwork for SOUQ NFT, please check out these links:

  • SOUQ NFT_Description.pdf

  • SOUQ NFT Tutorial

  • How NFTs can empower Artists

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