Souq NFT x DEV Challenge

Be among the first to experience an ethical NFT marketplace with Souq NFT.

DEV Challenge is a Developer Championship that holds the title for being the largest European IT competition since 2012. As the largest championship created for developers and designers in Ukraine, DEV Challenge has been supporting the technical potential of developers in Ukraine. To date, more than 20,000 developers have participated in this challenge.

MRHB DeFi is pleased to be an NFT Partner for DEV Challenge Season 18!

We would like to invite you to participate in the upcoming NFT competition within the framework of the DEV Challenge Championship. This challenge is perfect for you if:

Introducing Souq NFT an NFT marketplace powered by MRHB DeFi

Souq NFT is a marketplace for digital art and other halal NFT objects. Artists will participate in creating digital artwork for the first halal NFT marketplace in the world, following image, audio and video content guidelines such as:

– No nudity (ideally no body art at all)

– No hate speech

– No racism

– Must be an original piece (Not rip-offs of existing NFTs)

How to join the Challenge:

In order to properly guide and assist you during the competitive process, we’ve organized an online workshop, where we will provide a simple walkthrough on how to correctly upload your artwork to the NFT Marketplace.

A tutorial guide to creators (digital artists, 2D, 3D designers, etc.) on how to mint your NFTs on the Souq NFT Marketplace will also be provided, where we will assist you in setting up your accounts through which you can receive funds from NFT sales.

Please register for the Workshop.

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