MRHB DeFi Investor Spotlight Series: Sheesha Finance

We are excited to announce a strategic partnership with Sheesha Finance. Shееѕhа Finance is a highly innovative DеFі platform that partners with many of the top projects in the cryptoverse and provides the investor community the ability to take diversified DeFi exposure.

Partnership Vision

The strategic investment of Sheesha Finance into MRHB DeFi reflects their recognition of the innovative, unique halal and ethical value proposition we bring to a DeFi community saturated with many generic projects.

Sheesha Finance’s active stakeholder community and investor network will open up many new exciting avenues for growth and strategic partnerships as we expand the MRHB platform. In addition our team will benefit from the deep expertise of the Sheesha Finance as we fulfill our vision of a more ethical, inclusive and faith-driven crypto asset ecosystem.

“As a decentralized fund we’re always on the lookout for similar-minded projects and ideas who are looking to advance ethical finance and decentralize finance more. We’re very excited to have partnered with Marhaba who are doing that, and a lot more” — Saeed Al Darmaki, Sheesha Finance CEO.

“Our sincere regards to the Sheesha team captained by Mr. Saeed. We are honoured to have such a DeFi pioneer as one of our strong supporters and partners. We are excited to work with such a seasoned team of crypto professionals and look forward to walking a DeFi path together in our journey to provide greater ethical and inclusive crypto access to a global community.” — Naquib Mohammed, Marhaba DeFi Founder & CEO.

About Sheesha Finance

Thе tеаm аt Shееѕhа Fіnаnсе іѕ inspired tо brіng a роwеrful DеFі platform to the іnduѕtrу, one thаt is truѕtеd, wеll-fundеd, аnd hеаvіlу ѕuрроrtеd by a ѕtrоng соmmunіtу, along with a tеаm of DеFі еxреrtѕ whо bеlіеvе that many projects іn thе ѕрасе dо nоt рrоvіdе full trаnѕраrеnсу аnd mау nоt hаvе the hіghеѕt іntеgrіtу.

Read more about Sheesha Finance here:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Telegram | YouTube

About MRHB DeFi

MRHB DeFi is a halal, decentralised finance platform built to embody the true spirit of an “Ethical and Inclusive DeFi” by following faith-based financial and business principles, where all excluded communities can benefit from the full empowerment potential of DeFi.

Based on the tenets of blockchain such as trust, transparency, and security, MRHB DeFi has encapsulated universally applicable principles of Shariah into those tenets of blockchain to render a suite of offerings. It is a complete DeFi ecosystem whose products, protocols and crypto-assets are governed primarily by the ethical, inclusive, sustainable and charitable investment principles associated with the Islamic faith or ‘Islamic Finance’ (‘IF’ as it is commonly known).

The diverse team is comprised of researchers, technocrats, influencers, Islamic fintech experts & business entrepreneurs, who came together to ensure that MRHB DeFi prevails in a manner that will impact society as a whole, essentially bridging the gap between the faith-conscious communities and the blockchain world.

Read more about MRHB DeFi here:

Website | Twitter | Telegram Chat | Telegram Announcements | Medium | Documents | Facebook | LinkedIn | Telegram Arabic Community



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