How to Buy Gold on TijarX | Step-by-step Guide

4 min readDec 22, 2022


TijarX is a decentralized commodity exchange that lets you trade tokenized commodities. This is the latest halal DeFi (decentralized finance) application built on MRHB ethical web3 ecosystem. In the first version of TijarX, you can trade tokenized gold and silver backed by 100% gold and silver bullion respectively, secured by the Gold & Silver Standard of Ainslie Bullion Group Australia.

Below is a step-by-step guide to get started with trading token-backed commodities on TijarX.

How to Buy Gold on TijarX

For the purpose of this guide, we will take the gold standard AUS token as an example.

1. Download Sahal Wallet App

Sahal Wallet is the gateway to the entire MRHB web3 ecosystem. It is a multi-chain self-custodial digital wallet where only halal crypto tokens are listed and available to be purchased. With your Sahal Wallet, you can access MRHB DeFi products including the Souq NFT and TijarX.

2. Add ETH and USDT

To buy tokenized gold on TijarX, you would need to add ETH to cover gas cost and USDT to buy gold.

3. Go to the TijarX Platform

Once your halal wallet is set up, go to Menu (top left tab) and tap on TijarX.

You will be guided to the TijarX P2P trading platform within seconds.

4. Buy AUS by Swapping USDT

Once on the platform, you can start swapping USDT to AUS. Input the USDT amount that you would like to pay. The amount of AUS correlated to USDT will be shown.

5. Check Funds

After clicking swap, a confirmation page will appear. It may take a few minutes for the transfer to be verified on the blockchain.

Once the transfer is complete, you can see the amount of gold standard AUS that has been deposited.

Redeem Gold with Ainslee

What can you do with the tokenized gold?

You may sell the tokens or redeem them. If you’d like to redeem the gold bullion, you may follow these steps:

  1. Contact Ainslie Bullion to inform the amount you would like to redeem.
  2. Transfer the amount to the wallet address that they will provide.
  3. Pay a fee of AUD 250 for the redemption services.
  4. Visit Ainslee office to collect the gold bullion or request to deliver to you for a small additional fee.

Join MRHB TijarX Gold Rush Competition

Do you want to win up to USD 5,000 worth of tokenized gold?

This is your chance! Simply purchase USD 100 worth of AUS (the Gold Standard) on the TijarX platform during the competition period (to be announced). The more you buy, the higher the chance for you to win the top 3 prizes, a collective sum of USD 9,000 worth of AUS.

In addition, 10 lucky winners will receive USD 100 worth of AUS as part of the Gold Giveaway lucky draw.

Join MRHB official telegram group to receive updates on the competition details.

In the meantime, download Sahal wallet to get ready for when the TijarX Gold Rush kicks off on 16 January!