2 Million $MRHB for Liquidity Providers on Pancakeswap Pool!

2 Million $MRHB for Liquidity Providers on Pancakeswap Pool!

MRHB DeFi, the world’s first halal and ethical decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, launched their $MRHB token on the popular PancakeSwap DEX in December 2021. To promote the listing, the company set aside a pool of 5 million MRHB tokens to reward liquidity providers (LPs) with through to the end of March. MRHB has now decided to extend the LP reward period until June 30, and is adding an additional 2 million MRHB tokens to the reward pool.

For anyone unaware of this opportunity, the details are as follows: LPs must supply liquidity to the USDT/MRHB liquidity pool on PancakeSwap to qualify for rewards. A total of 2 million MRHB tokens will be divided between all participating LPs over a three-month period. This reward is provided by MRHB DeFi as a third party offering a conditional gift (‘hibah muallaqah bi al-sharth’), which is permissible according to Islamic Fiqh.

By providing liquidity on PancakeSwap, you can help us spread our service throughout the world to realize our mission of bringing ethical finance to all people. After years of non-regulation and uncertainty about crypto, it is time to carve out a safe space in the cryptoverse where ethics-conscious people can manage their finances with peace of mind.

Additional Information for LPs

Providing liquidity on a DEX is not without risk. All prospective LPs must first understand about a concept known as ‘impermanent loss’. If you are unfamiliar with the term, please refer to this article to get a firm understanding of the risks involved.

We also have a couple of videos that will be useful for LPs:

Alternatively, check out our blog post for the step-by-step slideshow walkthrough on how to add liquidity on Pancakeswap: https://mrhbdefi.medium.com/how-mrhb-token-holders-can-earn-passive-income-from-trading-fees-and-5-million-pool-of-mrhb-6848152d51c7

Lastly, we cannot stress enough the importance of staying vigilant on the internet — scammers abound. Never give your wallet password out to anyone. When sending funds to a liquidity pool, you must only do so on the exchange itself — do not send to addresses given to you by strangers. MRHB DeFi will never ask you for funds. The only links and information that can be trusted are those we share on our official channels below.

As always, we wholeheartedly appreciate the tremendous support our community and investors have shown.

Thank you for sticking with us in our journey to bring halal DeFi to the masses!

MRHB DeFi Official Channels

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